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Josh Lowth is a senior marketer who came into the spotlight after the disappearance and murder of his girlfriend Sarah Everard. Now the search for his details on the Internet is urgent. Follow us to find out more.

Josh Lowth was recognized for his relationship with Sarah. After she disappeared during a phone conversation with him, news of their relationship spread.

Her abduction subsequently sparked a public uproar over women’s safety and brought to light how difficult it is for many to feel safe on the streets.

Josh was considered a private citizen and little information about him was released.

His life took an unexpected turn when he became involved in a high-profile case that exposed broader concerns about women’s safety and sparked a public outcry.

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Josh Lowth Age: How old is Sarah Everard’s boyfriend?

Sarah Everard’s boyfriend, Josh Lowth, was born in 1987 and was 37 years old as of 2024.

Josh rose to fame after being linked to the horrific circumstances surrounding Sarah Everard’s kidnapping eventual death.

Josh has maintained his privacy and released very few personal facts to the public despite media attention.

Josh, a senior marketer, attended the University of Nottingham to further his studies, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 2009.

Josh Lowth Dude
Josh Lowth was on call with Sarah Everard before her abduction and murder. (Source: Meow)

Over the years he has built a career in marketing, holding prominent positions including Senior Campaign and Marketing Systems Manager and Campaign Manager at WTG Events.

His professional career also includes his current position, which he took up as Marketing Manager at Pharmaxo in November 2021.

Josh Lowth and Sarah Everard had a close bond and lived close by, making their relationship one full of love and happiness.

Josh characterized Sarah as intelligent, cunning and cunning in court documents about her horrific case.

After a phone conversation with Josh while walking through Clapham Junction, Sarah Everard disappeared on the evening of March 3, 2021, making that night a pivotal event.

Josh Lowth Wikipedia

Senior marketer Josh Lowth, a British citizen, is known for his involvement in Sarah Everard’s unfortunate case.

Lowth grew up in Brixton, London, and keeps a low profile because little personal information is shared with the public.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham in 2009.

Lowth has made great strides in his career as a marketer.

Throughout his career, he has held positions such as senior campaign and marketing systems manager at WTG Events after being promoted from campaign manager.

Josh Lowth Dude
Josh lost the love of his life, Sarah. (Source: BBC)

He started working at Pharmaxo in November 2021 and is currently Head of Marketing.

When Lowth’s girlfriend disappeared, his life took an unexpected turn.

The following events, such as the arrest and conviction of a Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens for her abduction, rape and murder, has drawn national attention to the case and sparked discussions about the protection of women.

Lowth maintains his privacy and does not share much information about his personal life with the public, even in the face of media criticism.

Given the sad circumstances surrounding Sarah Everard, Josh Lowth became a notable figure for his involvement in the high-profile case, which highlighted the larger societal concerns surrounding violence against women.

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