Is Tucker Kraft Related To Robert Kraft? Family Net Worth

Did you know if Tucker Kraft is related to Robert Kraft? Find out the status of the family connection between the football tight end and the influential New England Patriots owner.

Tucker Kraft is an American football tight end for the Green Bay Packers.

On the other hand, Robert Kraft owns the New England Patriots, guiding them to six Super Bowl titles and expanding his influence in Major League Soccer.

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Is Tucker Kraft related to Robert Kraft?

Although they share the same last name, Tucker Kraft and Robert Kraft are not related. They come from different backgrounds, with Tucker emerging as a promising soccer player and Robert establishing himself as a prominent figure in soccer team ownership and sports management.

The connection between them lies in their respective contributions to the world of sports, each making a name for themselves in their unique field.

Tucker is an emerging American football talent, currently serving as a tight end for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League (NFL).

During his high school years at Timber Lake High School, Kraft demonstrated his athletic prowess playing various positions including running back, middle linebacker and punter.

Is Tucker Kraft related to Robert Kraft
Tucker Kraft and Robert Kraft, not related, excel in separate areas of football. (Image source: The New York Times)

His outstanding senior season, in which he rushed for an impressive 1,405 yards and scored 24 touchdowns, earned him the prestigious first-team All-State honor.

On the other hand, Robert is a well-known figure in the world of football, but in a different capacity.

He owns the New England Patriots, a team he led to greatness with six Super Bowl titles.

Tucker Kraft Family Details

Tucker Kraft’s family history is marked by tragedy and resilience, which have shaped his life and career trajectory.

Tucker is the son of Doug and Tausha Kraft. Tragically, Tucker experienced the loss of his father at the age of 12 when Doug Kraft, born February 28, 1974, died on June 6, 2013.

His father was a standout athlete at Timber Lake, excelling in three sports during his high school years.

He continued his athletic journey by playing college football at Huron University, earning All-American status as a wide receiver.

Is Tucker Kraft related to Robert Kraft
Tucker Kraft’s family endured tragedy and found strength and resilience together. (Image source:

Tausha Kraft and her three sons, Tucker, Cody and Tanner Kraft, were left behind. Tausha, a nurse at the time, faced the immense challenge of overcoming the loss of her husband while dealing with her health issues, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2014.

Despite these adversities, Tausha found strength in her sons and the family persevered through difficult times.

In 2018, Tausha remarried Guthrie Ducheneaux, who quickly formed a close bond with the Kraft boys.

Net worth difference between Tucker Kraft and Robert Kraft

As of January 2024, the disparity in net worth between Tucker Kraft and Robert Kraft is substantial, reflecting the contrast in their respective careers and financial situations.

Tucker, the emerging American football tight end for the Green Bay Packers, holds an estimated net worth of $0.6 million.

His income mainly comes from his professional football career, with a notable four-year contract with the Green Bay Packers worth $5,537,932.

Is Tucker Kraft related to Robert Kraft
Tucker’s net worth stands at $0.6 million, while Robert Kraft’s net worth exceeds $11.1 billion. (Image source: Mitchell’s Daily Republic)

In contrast, Robert, veteran owner of the New England Patriots, Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution (MLS), and esports team Boston Uprising, has a staggering net worth of $11.1 billion. in 2024, according to Forbes.

Robert’s vast wealth culminates in his business success, including ownership of a highly successful NFL team, and his strategic ventures in football and esports.

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