Who Is Stephen Laybutt Wife Roberta? Kids And Family

Curiosity to know more about Stephen Laybutt’s wife Roberta has increased as netizens worry about her family following her sudden disappearance.

Stephen Laybutt, Australian rules footballer born September 3, 1977 in Lithgow, excelled as a central defender.

Standing at 6’2″ tall, Laybutt proudly represented the Australian national team as a former Socceroo.

Sadly, the football community suffered a devastating loss when Stephen Laybutt passed away on January 14, 2024.

Her lifeless body was discovered in bushland on the NSW mid-north coast after an extensive search.

The circumstances of his death saddened those who admired his contribution to the sport.

As news of his tragic passing spread, the football community came together to pay a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Stephen Laybutt.

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Who is Stephen Laybutt’s wife, Roberta?

Roberta is the wife of the late footballer Stephen Laybutt. The footballer has kept his family details private to avoid the intrusion of the spotlight into his personal life.

After retiring from the game, Laybutt publicly came out as gay. As of 2024, he was employed in the rehabilitation unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

During his time there, he met Ian Pavey, a patient, and eventually donated a kidney to him.

Wife of Stephen Laybutt
Former footballer Stephen Laybutt, 46, found dead in Cabarita bushland in northern New South Wales (Source: Illawarra Mercury)

The sudden and painful death of former footballer Stephen Laybutt has deeply affected many people, but the news carries a unique weight for Ian Paveyt.

Pavey, 69, had been on a kidney transplant waiting list for three years, desperately needing the procedure to save his life.

Although his wife, Roberta, wanted to be a donor, extensive testing revealed that their match was not feasible. In early 2024, Laybutt, who Pavey had met in the rehabilitation unit at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, unexpectedly sent him a text message offering one of his kidneys.

Tragically, on January 13, 2024, Laybutt was reported missing when attempts to contact him failed after he was last seen the night before.

Police discovered her lifeless body on January 14, 2024 in bushland near Cabarita Beach, New South Wales.

More about Stephen Laybutt: Children and Family Ethnicity

Stephen Laybutt is Australian. However, Laybutt has kept the details of his children and family confidential.

Stephen, 46, was discovered in bushland on the NSW mid-north coast on Monday, after being reported missing three days earlier.

Laybutt was recognized in 2024 for donating a kidney to Ian Pavey, 69, who he had met while working in the rehabilitation unit at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Pavey described the bond formed through this action as something that bonded them for life.

In January 2002, Dutch side Feyenoord released Laybutt, leading to his return to Australia after a loan spell with Lyn Oslo due to limited first-team chances.

Wife of Stephen Laybutt
Stephen Laybutt, an Australian, has kept his children and family details confidential (Source: Sports news)

In January 2008, Laybutt faced a setback when he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, resulting in his absence for the remainder of the 2008–09 A-League season.

Laybutt’s disappearance was reported by concerned friends on Saturday, prompting an extensive search.

His silver Mercedes was found outside a Cabarita store, leading police to locate him. A CCTV image of Laybutt was shared on social media to aid the search.

Although Laybutt’s death is not being treated as suspicious, concerns have been raised about his welfare. A coroner’s report is being prepared.

Reflecting on his decision to donate a kidney, Laybutt said he was inspired by Pavey’s positive attitude and felt it was the right thing to do.

He underwent rigorous physical and mental tests, including a careful examination by a psychologist, before the donation was approved.

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