How Old Was Columbine High School Athlete?

Dive into Chris Horning Jr’s Wikipedia profile to discover details about his age and explore his life achievements.

Chris Horning Jr. excelled not only as a student but also as a football player at Columbine High School.

In both academics and extracurricular activities and community service, Horning’s presence at Columbine High School left a lasting impression.

Sadly, Chris left, creating a void in the hearts of those who cared for him.

Following Chris’ death, the online community is expressing concern and seeking more information about him.

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Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia and Age: How old was the athlete?

From Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia: He was a notable figure who made a significant impact on the sports scene during his time at Columbine High School.

His prowess on the football field, adorned with the number 9 jersey, marked him as a distinguished player, representing the school in numerous regional and local championships.

Under the guidance of coach Andy Lowry, Horning Jr. earned the prestigious title of All-Jeffco Selection, demonstrating his exceptional skills and contribution to the team during his high school years.

Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia: His athletic achievements include recording a 4.72 40-yard dash, 4.6 shuttle, and an impressive 335 bench.

Despite the lack of exact information on his age, Horning Jr. appeared to be in his 20s while in high school.

Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia
Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia: He was trained by trainer Andy Lowry. (Source: Hudl)

As a member of the Class of 2024, he continued his academic and athletic journey by enrolling at Colorado Mesa University, where he is currently a freshman majoring in business.

Dive into his family Originally, Chris Horning Jr. is the son of Chris Horning and Ellen Pollard.

Although details about his parents are limited, it is speculated that his athletic prowess could be inherited from them.

Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia: He shares a love of football with his brother, Walton Horning, who enthusiastically joined CMU’s 2024 football team.

Chris Horning Jr.’s tale unfolds as a multi-faceted individual, balancing his academic pursuits with a promising football career and making a lasting impact on and off the field.

News on the death of Chris Horning

The untimely death of Chris Horning Jr. sent a shockwave through the hearts of many, leaving an indelible mark of grief and disbelief.

The grim news was brought to the public through a poignant message from the Columbine Football community on Twitter.

In its tweet, the Columbine Football community not only announced Chris’ tragic passing, but also painted a picture of the profound impact he had on those around him.

They described him as an incredible person, highlighting the unique qualities that set him apart.

The tone of the community was one of deep sadness, reflecting the heaviness of the loss that had befallen them.

Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia
Chris Horning Jr Wikipedia: He sadly passed away in January 2024. (Source: Twitter)

Amid its grief, the community also called for privacy and respect for Chris Horning Jr.’s family during this difficult time.

The request for privacy highlights the deeply personal nature of the loss, recognizing the need for the family to deal with their grief in solitude.

Chris Horning Jr., with a bright future ahead of him, left behind a legacy of memories that will be cherished by those who knew him.

Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of his disappearance remain confidential, which adds a touch of mystery to this sad event.

The lack of information about the cause of his death has intensified the somber atmosphere, leaving friends and family grappling with unanswered questions.

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