Charlize Sarmiento, Jeremy Sarmiento Sister: Wiki And Age

Charlize Sarmiento is the talented English footballer, sister of Jeremy Sarmiento. Since she shares a close bond with her brother, learn more about her age and background.

Jeremy Sarmiento, originally from Ecuador, is a qualified professional footballer operating as a winger for Ipswich Town, currently on loan from Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion.

Similarly, Sarmiento began his footballing journey as a youth player at Charlton Athletic and Benfica before officially joining Brighton & Hove Albion’s academy in 2024.

Additionally, in the same year, Jeremy Sarmiento made his professional debut for Brighton & Hove Albion.

After this milestone, he embarked on a loan spell at Ipswich Town, competing in the Championship and demonstrating his promising talent and versatility on the pitch.

Aside from contributing to his club, he has proudly represented the Ecuador national team, which is why fans are also curious about Jeremy Sarmiento’s sister.

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Jeremy Sarmiento Sister, Charlize Sarmiento: Wiki and Age Gap

Charleze Sarmiento, aged 14, is the younger sister of Jeremy Sarmiento, a talented footballer who represents Ecuador as a winger for Ipswich Town on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion.

Notably, the Sarmiento family considers London, Great Britain their home, where they maintain strong family ties and create lasting memories together.

Although the information available about Charleze’s personal life and background is limited, it is evident that they share a close family bond.

Likewise, this family support played a crucial role in Jeremy Sarmiento’s journey to becoming a professional footballer.

Jeremy Sarmiento Sister
Sister of Jeremy Sarmiento, Charleze Sarmiento is part of his close-knit family unit. (Source: The Athletic)

However, despite the lack of details regarding Jeremy Sarmiento’s sister, Charleze’s early education or personal life, Jeremy chose to keep certain aspects private.

Likewise, the Sarmiento family leads a private life and Jeremy, in particular, has not disclosed details about his schooling or the institutions where he received his early education.

Although the exact date of birth of Jeremy Sarmiento’s sister is not disclosed, her approximate age of 14 years old matches that of his brother Jeremy.

Additionally, the age gap between the two siblings is estimated to be around 7 years, adding an extra layer to their relationship dynamic.

Nonetheless, Jeremy Sarmiento’s sister, Jeremy Sarmiento, continues to make significant progress in her soccer career.

Charlèze, Sister of Jeremy Sarmientoremains a constant and supportive presence within their family, contributing to the solid foundation that propelled Jeremy to success.

Parents of Jeremy Sarmiento: father, former midfielder

Jeremy Sarmiento’s parents are Katty and Lionel Sarmiento. Jeremy’s father Lionel previously pursued a career as a midfielder for El Nacional.

Likewise, even though Lionel was unable to realize his own footballing aspirations, he lives passionately vicariously through his son.

Additionally, by taking on the role of Jeremy’s representative, Lionel actively supports his son’s burgeoning football career, a responsibility common to parents early in a player’s career.

Notably, the Sarmiento family, consisting of Lionel, Katty and Jeremy, made a big move to Britain when Jeremy was just seven years old.

Jeremy Sarmiento Sister
Jeremy Sarmiento was born in Spain to Ecuadorian parents. (Source: X)

However, before moving to London, they had resided in Spain.

Likewise, the family’s move and their unwavering support played a pivotal role in Jeremy’s journey to becoming a successful professional footballer.

Additionally, Jeremy started his youth career in London, where his family currently resides.

Most importantly, the family connection and guidance provided by Lionel and Katty have undoubtedly contributed to Jeremy’s development and achievements on the football field.

Additionally, their collective story reflects the dedication and sacrifices often made by families in pursuit of their children’s dreams in the world of professional sports.

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