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Who are Jocelyne Larocque’s parents? His father is Andy and his mother was Nancy.

Jocelyne Larocque, a Canadian Olympic hockey star, joined the national team in 2008.

A pioneer, she was the first indigenous woman to be part of the Canadian Olympic team.

Larocque has two Olympic gold medals and one silver, earning her the title of Manitoba’s Indigenous Female Athlete of the Decade in 2018.

With 9 world championships and a successful career, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport.

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Parents of Jocelyne Larocque: who is her father Andy Larocque?

Jocelyne Larocque, an accomplished Canadian ice hockey player, left an indelible mark on the sport, earning national and international recognition.

Born on May 19, 1988, she has an impressive career, having played for PWHL Toronto in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) and representing Team Canada with distinction.

One of the key figures in Jocelyne’s life is her father, Andy Larocque, whose presence and influence have been significant throughout her career in the world of hockey.

Although information about Andy Larocque may not be as widely covered in the media, various sources, including the Winnipeg Free Press and Steinbach Online, have acknowledged his connection to Jocelyne.

Andy Larocque’s presence in these reputable sources suggests his importance within the hockey community.

Jocelyne Larocque parents
Jocelyne Larocque with her father. (source: Stein Bach)

Jocelyne Larocque’s accomplishments on the ice, including her crucial role in securing a gold medal for Team Canada at the 2014 Olympics, have drawn attention to her family background.

Andy Larocque’s involvement in Jocelyne’s career becomes evident when examining her trajectory, such as her time playing for the PWHL Toronto.

Additionally, his influence is highlighted in significant events like his selection by Toronto, demonstrating a family connection to the sport that goes beyond mere coincidence.

Although the details of Andy Larocque’s contributions to the hockey community are not detailed in public records, his presence in Jocelyne’s narrative implies a role of support and influence.

The fact that Jocelyne’s father is mentioned in reputable sources testifies to the family’s involvement and recognition within hockey circles.

Thus, Jocelyne Larocque’s father, Andy Larocque, appears as a crucial figure in her life and career.

Although the details of her connection to the hockey community are not fully elucidated, her presence in reputable sources and her influence on Jocelyne’s journey highlight the importance of family support and encouragement in the world of professional sports.

Who was Jocelyne Larocque, mother Nancy? Family tree

Jocelyne Larocque’s family tree has some poignant chapters, notably with the inclusion of her mother, Nancy Larocque (née Dyck), who played an important role in her life.

Sadly, the family experienced a heartbreaking loss in May 2019, when Nancy Larocque passed away.

Nancy Larocque (née Dyck) contributed not only as Jocelyne’s mother, but also as a crucial figure in the Larocque family narrative.

Although the specific details of his life are not widely covered in public records, his influence on Jocelyn and her siblings is evident in the close bond they share.

Besides Jocelyne, Nancy is survived by another daughter named Chantal Lynn Marie.

Chantal serves as the eldest sister of the Larocque family and stands out for her role as co-founder of Rē Sauna, a wellness center that focuses on the benefits of sauna.

Jocelyne Larocque parents
Jocelyne Larocque’s mother has died. (source: Instagram)

This business showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of the Larocque family and adds another layer to their multi-faceted story.

The relationship between Jocelyne and Chantal is much more than simple brotherhood; they share a special bond that has been affectionately nicknamed “the mixed nation list”.

This term not only highlights their indigenous heritage, but also emphasizes the unity and strength that family provides.

Their collective journey, marked by achievements in the sporting and commercial fields, is proof of the supportive environment fostered by their parents.

Although Nancy Larocque’s passing in 2019 undoubtedly left a void in the family, the legacy she left, along with the resilience of Jocelyne and Chantal, continues to shape the Larocque family tree.

The story is one of strength, unity and the lasting impact of a mother’s love, highlighting the importance of family bonds in overcoming life’s challenges.

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