Gil de Ferran Daughter Is A Singer


Discover the musical journey of Gil de Ferran’s daughter. Meet Anna de Ferran, a talented singer with a passion for motorsport, creating a harmonious blend of speed and melody.

Gil de Ferran, racing legend and winner of the 2003 Indianapolis 500, died tragically at age 56 while racing with his son at the Concourse Club in Florida.

Known for his land speed record on a closed circuit, de Ferran left an indelible mark on motorsport.

His colleague Tony Kanaan revealed that Gil stopped, citing discomfort, and succumbed to an apparent heart attack.

His legacy extends beyond the racecourse, surviving in his wife Angela, daughter Anna and son Luke, who recently shared joyful Christmas moments.

De Ferran’s impact on motor racing and his family’s festive spirit create a poignant tale of a life well lived.

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Daughter of Gil de Ferran, Anna Ferran is a singer

Anna de Ferran, born January 6, 1995 in England, is more than the daughter of motor racing legend Gil de Ferran; he is a multi-faceted talent who is carving out his own place in the music world.

At 28, Anna blends seamlessly his love for music and motorsport, creating a unique symphony that resonates on a global scale.

Raised in the culture of motor racing, Anna’s journey was one of victories within the Winners Circle, often standing proudly alongside her father during his triumphs.

His mother’s association with Paul Stewart Racing added another layer to his racing upbringing.

Anna’s musical odyssey began in Oxford, where, aged just 13, she started a band with school friends.

These early beginnings mark the genesis of a musical career which now spans all continents. Fluent in English and Portuguese, Anna’s bilingual prowess adds a unique touch to her artistic talent.

Anna Ferran created a DJ agency known as L’Amigas Collective. (Image source: Instagram)

Beyond being an artist, Anna is the founder of L’Amigas Collective, a DJ agency showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

His passion for motorsport is expressed in his music, notably in the song “Drive”, a beautiful fusion of his love for racing and his musical aspirations.

Her diverse background extends to the world of auto racing, where she previously fronted the driver line-up for her father’s final race in Texas in 2003 alongside her brother Luke.

This unique intersection of racing and music allows Anna to make a special debut within the extended IndyCar family.

Anna de Ferran, 28, demonstrates her versatility. A talented artist with big ambitions, she paints a vivid picture of her journey from the Oxford School orchestra to the world stage of Formula 1 racing.

Her ability to blend the worlds of speed and melody creates a harmonious narrative that transcends the boundaries of motorsport and music, cementing her as a rising star in both fields.

Gil de Ferran, son Luc

Luke de Ferran, the youngest son of motor racing icon Gil de Ferran, remains a private figure, out of the public eye.

Born two years after his sister Anna, Luke is currently 26 years old in 2024. Despite the lack of publicly available personal details, it is evident that he shares the family’s current grief over the loss of their patriarch.

As Ferran’s family goes through this difficult time, we can only hope that they find comfort and strength to deal with the deep pain caused by Gil’s passing.

Gil de Ferran, son Luc
Gil de Ferran rejoices in the winner’s circle alongside his wife Angela and their children Anna and Luke. (Image source: The American sun)

The racing community and fans extend their thoughts and condolences to Luke, Anna and their mother, Angela.

In the midst of grief, the unity of Ferran’s family and the memories she shared with Gil are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

May Luke find comfort in the support of those close to him and may the memories of his father, a racing legend, be a source of inspiration and strength in the days to come.

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