Sister Joyce, Peggy And Stella And Brother Emeka

Herbert Wigwe Siblings was a tapestry of love and connection woven together by three incredible sisters – Joyce, Peggy and Stella – and a brother, Emeka.

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe (15 August 1966 – 9 February 2024) was a prominent Nigerian banker and CEO of Access Bank Plc.

Born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, he began his career at Guaranty Trust Bank and worked his way up there.

He received his accounting degree from the University of Nigeria and then studied banking and finance in the United Kingdom.

Herbert, a graduate of Harvard Business School, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Nigeria in 2018.

His remarkable career was tragically cut short in 2024 by a helicopter crash in California that killed his wife, child and others.

Beyond his professional successes, Herbert valued his family, his church and sports, leaving a lasting impression.

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Herbert Wigwe’s siblings: sister Joyce, Peggy and Stella and brother Emeka

Herbert Wigwe came from a close-knit family and his siblings played an important role in his life.

Joyce was a force among his sisters, Peggy provided joy and laughter, and Stella brought elegance to the family dynamic.

Each sister contributed to creating a caring and supportive atmosphere for Herbert.

Emeka, Herbert’s brother, had a special relationship with him. Their connection was one of camaraderie and mutual respect, and showed how important Herbert is to family relationships.

Herbert Wigwe siblings
Herbert Wigwe grew up with his siblings. (Source: Semafor)

Emeka, like Herbert, was most likely a source of inspiration and encouragement during her travels.

The Wigwe siblings created a strong family that showed fortitude in the face of adversity and praised each other for their achievements.

Their connection went beyond biological relationships and represented the virtues of togetherness and shared experiences.

In moments of joy and sadness, Herbert sought comfort in the presence of his loving sisters and brother and emphasized the importance of family in his personal story.

As Herbert Wigwe’s legacy continues, it is clear that his siblings had a significant influence in defining the man he became – a leader, a family man and a figure revered in both personal and professional circles.

Herbert Wigwe family

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe was a passionate family man and a leader in the financial industry. Wigwe’s family was known for their rich cultural history and strong faith.

A member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Herbert was a devout Christian.

He worked as a pastor in the RCCG community and expressed his religious beliefs. This aspect of his life exemplified his commitment to spiritual development and community involvement.

Herbert Wigwe siblings
Herbert Wigwe was one of Nigeria’s top CEOs. (Source: BBC)

In addition to his religious beliefs, Herbert was proud of his Nigerian heritage, an enthusiastic supporter of the national football team and a fan of Arsenal FC.

His passion for sports such as football, golf and tennis demonstrated a wide range of interests outside of the business world.

Herbert Wigwe’s family grew beyond his siblings. His marriage to Chizoba Wigwe (née Nwuba) resulted in four children: Chizi, Tochi, Hannah and David.

A devoted husband and father, Herbert valued his family, spending quality time with them and leaving lasting memories.

Herbert and many family members tragically died in a helicopter crash in California on February 9, 2024, leaving behind a string of professional achievements and a commitment to family, church and community.

His influence is felt not only in the financial industry, but also in the hearts of the people who knew him as a devoted family man with strong convictions.

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