Steve Sarkisian Brother Dave Sarkisian: Family And Partner

Steve Sarkisian’s brother’s name is Dave Sarkisian. He is one of six siblings.

Steve Sarkisian, born March 8, 1974 in Torrance, California, is an American football coach and former player.

Currently the head coach at the University of Texas at Austin, he brings his expertise to the world of college football.

Sargsyan’s heritage reflects a mix of Armenian and Irish ancestry.

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Brother of Steve Sarkisian: who is Dave Sarkisian? Family

Who is Steve Sarkisian’s brother? His brother’s name is Dave Sarkisian.

His older brother, Dave, is a prominent personality in his own right, with an impressive sporting career that has left a lasting mark in the field of football.

As the youngest of seven children in the Sarkisian family, Steve grew up surrounded by a supportive and competitive environment, with Dave standing out as a notable figure among his siblings.

Dave Sarkisian’s athletic prowess became evident during his time at Cal-State Dominguez Hills, where he achieved the remarkable feat of being a three-time All-American in football.

This accomplishment not only highlighted his exceptional skills on the field, but also brought prestige to the name of the Sarkisian family.

This speaks volumes about the dedication and talent that runs in the family, with Steve no doubt drawing inspiration from his older brother’s achievements.

Brother of Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian with his ex-wife and children. (Source: Sports briefs)

Beyond the sporting field, the Sarkisian family has a rich cultural background. Steve and Dave’s parents, Seb and Sally Sarkisian, are of Armenian descent, adding a layer of heritage to the family tale.

Seb Sarkissian’s migration from Tehran, Iran, to the United States further contributes to the diversity of their family history.

Tehran’s trip to the United States undoubtedly presented its challenges, reflecting the resilience and determination that have become inherent qualities of the Sarkissian family.

As Steve Sarkisian carves his own path in the world of football, he carries with him the legacy of his older brother’s achievements and the cultural roots instilled by his parents.

The bond between Steve and Dave extends beyond family ties; it reflects a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for meeting challenges.

Steve Sarkisian’s upbringing in a large, sports-oriented family, coupled with the influence of his accomplished brother, undoubtedly plays a role in shaping the coach and leader he has become.

Through the prism of family, sporting and cultural heritage, the story of the Sarkisian brothers reveals itself as a story of determination, accomplishment and the lasting bond that unites them.

Loreal Smith, partner of Steve Sarkisian: ex-wife and children

Steve Sarkisian’s personal life underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of Loreal Smith into his world.

Loreal, now his current partner and second wife, brought to the union a unique blend of athleticism, style and philanthropy.

The couple exchanged vows in 2020, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Former track star and college coach Loreal Smith has seamlessly integrated her passion for fashion and philanthropy into her identity.

Beyond her sporting activities, Loreal has become famous for her distinctive matchday outfits, a side of her personality that she frequently shares about herself. Instagram profile.

Her keen sense of style and dedication to the world of fashion complement the dynamic nature of her role as the wife of a prominent figure in the sporting world.

Brother of Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian with his ex-wife and children. (Source: Sports briefs)

Steve Sarkisian’s journey to marital bliss with Loreal follows his previous marriage to Stephanie Sarkisian. With his ex, Steve welcomed three children – Taylor, Ashley and Brady Sarkisian.

Their marriage lasted 19 years until the couple decided to separate, resulting in divorce in 2016.

This marked a period of transition for Steve, leading to the next chapter of his life with Loreal Smith.

The union between Steve Sarkisian and Loreal Smith does not include any biological children.

However, their partnership became proof of the possibilities of finding love and companionship after significant life changes.

As a couple, they face the complexities of blended families, Steve’s three children from his previous marriage being an integral part of their shared journey.

The Sarkisian-Smith partnership extends beyond the personal realm, reflecting a commitment to family, fashion and philanthropy.

Loreal Sarkisian, with her multifaceted journey, adds a new dimension to the story of Steve Sarkisian’s life.

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