Jefferson Quist Death And Obituary


Abigail Quist’s late husband, Jefferson Quist, played a central role in the company’s dynamic success story as CFO of ARQ.

ARQ’s creative founder, Abigail Quist, began her business adventure in 2015 at a children’s clothing company.

However, the launch of retro underwear and high-waisted undershirts for adults in 2018 boosted ARQ’s popularity.

By 2020, the company had gross revenue of an incredible $7.5 million.

Tragically, Abigail’s husband and CFO of ARQ, Jefferson Quist, passed away in August 2024. This forced Abigail to make the difficult decision to cease ARQ operations.

Despite this unspeakable loss, Abigail is grateful for the love and support of those around her as she navigates this difficult chapter with her three children.

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Abigail Quist Husband: Jefferson Quist

Jefferson Quist, the husband of ARQ founder Abigail Quist, was instrumental in the development of the brand.

As ARQ grew, he took on the role of chief financial officer after previously practicing immigration and criminal defense law.

Jefferson Quist tragically died in McMinnville on August 5, 2024 at the age of 40.

Abigail Quist husband
Abigail Quist with her husband and children. (Source: Mother)

The cause of death was not disclosed. This unexpected loss had a profound impact on Abigail and led her to make the serious decision to cease ARQ’s activities.

A devoted father to his three children, Jefferson had an impact that extended far beyond his professional accomplishments, leaving a vacuum in both the family and the ARQ community.

As Abigail copes with this devastating loss, she expresses gratitude for the support she has received and announces an end to ARQ’s journey.

She realized she needed to take time to recover and reflect on the treasured memories she had with her late husband.

Jefferson Quist death

Jefferson Quist, the beloved husband of ARQ founder Abigail Quist, died on August 5, 2024 in McMinnville at the age of forty.

The cause of death was not disclosed. Jefferson, a recognized immigration and criminal defense attorney, not only excelled professionally but also served as ARQ’s chief financial officer.

His sudden death had a major impact and caused Abigail to make the agonizing decision to cease ARQ activities.

The family, which includes her three children, mourns the death of a loving husband and father.

As friends, family and the ARQ community cope with this horrific incident, Jefferson Quist’s legacy lives on through the shared memories and accomplishments he helped create during his time at ARQ.

Obituary for Jefferson Quist

Jefferson Quist, 40, wife of ARQ founder Abigail Quist, died under horrific circumstances on August 5, 2024 in McMinnville.

The obituary published in the Yamhill County News-Register contains minimal information about the cause of death.

Abigail Quist Husband
Rest in peace, Abigail Quist. (Source: Sanatan)

Jefferson, a well-known immigration and criminal defense attorney, became CFO of ARQ and was instrumental in the brand’s astounding success.

The obituary comments on the enormous development and success of ARQ, which he and his wife Abigail Quist fully supported.

ARQ grew from humble beginnings in the children’s clothing industry to an increasingly popular high-waisted underwear brand thanks to the collective efforts.

His unexpected death has left a vacuum not only in his family but also in the ARQ community.

The obituary highlights the Quist family’s unspeakable grief, prompting Abigail to announce the cessation of ARQ activities as she copes with her grief.

Jefferson’s reputation goes beyond his professional achievements and is considered to be a devoted father to his three children.

The obituary is a sad reminder of the impact he had throughout his life and leaves friends, family and the ARQ community in mourning the loss of a great man.

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