Meet Lee Jong-beom & Jeong Yeon-hee

Jung Hoo Lee’s Parents: Beyond the dazzling plays on the field, the story of his success is incomplete without recognizing the central roles played by his father and mother.

Jung Hoo Lee, born August 20, 1998, is a South Korean baseball sensation and outfielder for the San Francisco Giants in MLB.

Coming up the ranks, Lee first played for the Kiwoom Heroes in the KBO League, winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2017 and securing the KBO League Most Valuable Player award in 2024.

Known for his exceptional skills, Lee won five consecutive Golden Glove Awards from 2018 to 2024. A proud representative of South Korea, he has participated in international events like the WBSC Premier12 2019 and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Likewise, on December 14, 2024, Lee signed a major six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants, marking a new chapter in his impressive career.

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Jung Hoo Lee’s parents: father Lee Jong-beom and mother Jeong Yeon-hee

Love comes in many forms, and for South Korean baseball sensation Jung Hoo Lee, the deepest affection is reserved for his parents, especially his father Lee Jong-beom and mother Jeong Yeon-hee.

Lee’s family is not only a backdrop to his success, but an integral part of his journey, shaping not only his character, but also significantly contributing to his achievements on and off the baseball field.

Lee Jong-beom, known as “Son of the Wind”, left his legacy as a formidable player in the KBO League and Chunichi Dragons in Japan from 1993 to 2011.

Born on August 15, 1970 in Gwangju, South Korea, Lee Jong-beom has an impressive career with a .297 batting average, 1,797 hits, 194 home runs, 730 RBIs and an impressive 510 stolen bases in the KBO.

His achievements include six KBO Golden Glove awards, the KBO MVP in 1994, and four Korean Series championships. Likewise, his influence on the sport is demonstrated by the Korean Series MVP and his inclusion in the All-WBC team in 2006.

Jung Hoo Lee's parents
Jung Hoo Lee’s parents are very supportive of his career. (Source: Instagram)

However, behind every successful man is a supportive woman, and Jeong Yeon-hee emerges as a central figure in the “Wind Family.”

By marrying Lee Jong-beom in 1997, Jeong Yeon-hee silently contributed to the success of her husband and son. She made sacrifices during her husband’s playing career, persevering through challenges with resilience.

The dedication and sacrifices of Jung Hoo Lee’s parents paid off when their son, Lee Jeong-hoo, became a prominent professional baseball player. In 2007, Lee Jeong-hoo made history as the first “rich man MVP”.

During an emotional interview, Jeong Yeon-hee expressed her gratitude to her husband and son, recognizing their hard work and dedication. She described Lee Jeong-hoo as a son she could count on.

While praising her exceptional skills, humble personality and mature mindset, Lee Jeong-hoo, in turn, appreciates his mother’s home-cooked meals, emphasizing the importance of family traditions.

Their bond reflects a harmonious blend of gratitude, love and shared success, proving that the true essence of victory extends beyond the baseball diamond, into precious moments of love and family support.

Jung Hoo Lee brother: does he have one?

Amid Jung Hoo Lee’s meteoric rise in the world of professional baseball, one aspect of his life that often takes a back seat to his on-field exploits is his close-knit family.

Born and raised in a family of four, Lee shares a special and heartwarming bond with his younger sister, Lee Ga-hyeon. The dynamic between siblings shows an unbreakable bond.

Despite the demands of Lee’s professional career and the attention that comes with it, the Lee siblings have managed to cultivate an extraordinary relationship that extends far beyond the boundaries of fame.

Lee Ga-hyeon, the younger sister, has been a constant source of support for her brother throughout his baseball journey. Their bond is not just that of blood, but also a deep bond based on love, trust and a shared history.

Jung Hoo Lee's parents
Jung Hoo Lee’s sister Lee Ga-hyeon (right) shares close ties with her family. (Source: Hansbiz)

Growing up together, the Lee siblings developed an incredible connection that has stood the test of time and the challenges that come with a life in the public eye.

Despite the age difference, the brothers and sisters have formed an ideal brotherly bond, characterized by mutual understanding and a genuine desire to see each other succeed.

Lee Ga-hyeon is often seen in the stands at her brother’s matches, enthusiastically cheering for him and proudly displaying the determined support only a sibling can give.

Images of Lee Ga-hyeon attending her brother’s matches paint a picture of family pride and unity. In these moments, it’s clear that their relationship is about being each other’s pillar of strength.

As he continues to achieve great things in his career, it is evident that Jung Hoo Lee’s unwavering support from his sister, Lee Ga-hyeon, and his parents remains an integral and valuable part of his journey.

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