What Was His Net Worth?

Buddy Teevens’ salary is estimated to be over $140,000. Buddy Teevens, a well-known name in American football, has had an illustrious career full of notable achievements.

Teevens’ journey through the ranks of football has left an indelible mark on the game and inspired countless athletes and enthusiasts.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has held a variety of coaching positions, including head coach at several prestigious institutions.

His expertise, leadership and tireless commitment to the development of his players have made him a respected figure in the football community.

Throughout his career, Teevens has consistently demonstrated his passion for sport and his keen ability to develop young talent into elite athletes.

His coaching philosophy emphasizes teamwork, discipline and excellence on and off the field.

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Buddy Teeven’s Salary: What Was His Net Worth?

Buddy Teevens, the respected Dartmouth College coach, has a sizable one Salaryallegedly over $140,000.

As a result of his impressive coaching career, his net worth has skyrocketed and is estimated to be over $5 million.

When we look at college coaching, it becomes clear that the compensation landscape varies considerably.

The average salary for men’s head coaches is $144,482 per year.

Buddy Teeven's salary
Buddy Teeven’s Salary Details Revealed. (Source: Dartmouth Athletics)

In contrast, head coaches of women’s teams earn an average annual salary of about $94,357. For those who coach coed teams, the average salary is about $76,212.

Teevens’ considerable earnings reflect not only his experience but also his commitment to the sport and the development of young athletes.

Not surprisingly, successful coaches like Teevens are well compensated for their expertise in cultivating talent and building winning teams.

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Buddy Teeven’s Wikipedia Bio

Buddy Teevens, an influential figure in American football, was born on January 1, 1956 in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

Teevens played quarterback at Dartmouth College, beginning his deep-rooted association with the sport.

After college, he ventured into coaching and eventually returned to Dartmouth as head coach in 1987. During his coaching career, he led various college teams, including Stanford University.

Teeven’s commitment to developing young athletes and building winning teams earned him recognition in the football world.

His innovative coaching approaches, including avoiding tackles during practice, garnered attention and transformed the sport’s safety protocols.

His coaching stops include positions at Tulane, Illinois and Florida. Teevens returned to Dartmouth in 2005 and left a lasting impact on the Dartmouth football program.

Beyond the field, Teevens’ commitment to community service and philanthropy is notable.

He actively supports organizations such as Be the Match and emphasizes the importance of bone marrow donations.

Buddy Teevens’ journey from player to influential coach demonstrates his passion for soccer and his commitment to making the sport safer and more accessible.

His influence extends far beyond the field, touching the lives of athletes and communities alike.

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Buddy Teeven’s family

Kirsten Teevens, the supportive wife of Buddy Teevens, keeps her profession private.

Nevertheless, she was a constant source of love and encouragement throughout Buddy’s life, especially after his serious bicycle accident.

Following the tragic death of Buddy Teevens, Kirsten Teevens and her family received condolences from the Dartmouth College community and the entire football world.

Kirsten and Buddy’s love story began during their time at Dartmouth College.

Buddy Teeven's salary
Buddy Teeven’s family background was investigated. (Source: People)

Buddy, a history major, was named Dartmouth’s outstanding athlete for the 1978-79 school year.

After graduating, he began a coaching career, first as an assistant and later as running backs coach at DePauw University in Indiana.

Buddy Teevens and Kirsten crossed paths at DePauw University. Their connection grew stronger and led to a decades-long journey of love.

In 1985, they tied the knot and officially became husband and wife. Their marriage was marked by love, resilience and unwavering support.

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