Who Is Owen Bates Girlfriend 2024? Relationship Status

Find out the answer to the pressing question: who is Owen Bates’ girlfriend? Stay updated on current details regarding this darts player’s relationship status.

Owen Bates, an accomplished English darts player, has made a significant impact on the international stage, competing proudly for England.

His early successes include reaching two Challenge Tour finals and securing a place in another Development Tour final.

In 2024, he reached a milestone by claiming victory on the Challenge Tour, earning him a coveted World Cup spot and a tour card thanks to impressive placings.

Renowned in the darts community, Bates is distinguished by his impressive nickname, “Owen ‘The Master’ Bates”.

As he sets his sights on Ally Pally, he is ready to seize the opportunity and make his mark in the world of darting.

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Who is Owen Bates’ girlfriend in 2024? Relationship Status

Owen Bates recently earned a place in the semi-finals of the Challenge Tour 24, a feat which also guarantees him a Visit to the PDC Card for the next 2024-2025 season.

Following this significant success, netizens’ curiosity about Owen’s personal life increased.

A dominant and trending question has emerged, focusing on his relationship status with the question: “Who is Owen Bates’ girlfriend in 2024?” »

Excited fans and followers of the darts player are eager to know if Owen is still single or has already found that special someone.

Despite the increased interest, there is currently no information available about Owen Bates’ girlfriend or any details about his past relationships.

Owen Bates Girlfriend
There is no information about “Owen Bates Girlfriend” and he seems to be single. (Source: Darts World)

As of 2024, it appears the young and talented darts player is primarily focused on his budding career, choosing to keep a low profile when it comes to matters of the heart.

The Dartspieler seems to avoid any romantic entanglements, and there is no concrete information suggesting Owen Bates’ girlfriend.

For darts enthusiasts eagerly seeking answers to the burning question: “Who is Owen Bates’ girlfriend in 2024?” » Patience is key.

Until Owen decides to share details about his personal life, the answer remains elusive, leaving fans eager to reveal this aspect of the player’s journey.

Owen Bates Wikipedia and his age

Owen Bates, also known as “The Master”, was born on December 12, 2002 in Sidmouth, which will make him 21 years old in 2024.

The pinnacle of his success came when he emerged victorious in the second week of the Modus Super Series, triumphing over Leonard Gates in the final.

This significant victory not only secured his place in Champions Week, but also earned him the weekly award £5,000 jackpot.

Owen Bates began his foray into the PDC Development Tour at the age of 19. On June 5, 2024, he reached his first final with a score of 3-5.

Bates also qualified for the 2024 PDC Junior World Championship, where he was unfortunately eliminated in the group stage.

Owen Bates Girlfriend
Owen Bates is famous for his nickname “The Master”. (Source: Sun)

In 2024, Bates began his first participation in the PDC Qualifying School, but was unable to obtain a visiting card.

August 2024 marked a turning point in Bates’ career as he earned his first tournament victory on the Challenge Tour.

Shortly after, he reached the quarterfinals of the 2024 PDC Junior World Championship.

His consistent performances resulted in another final appearance on the Challenge Tour, securing second place in the Challenge Tour Order of Merit.

The reward for his dedication came in the form of a tour card for the next two years and a coveted place at the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship.

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