Father Juraj Sr & Mother Gabriela

Juraj Slafkovsky’s parents always supported their child in his career choice.

Juraj’s parents come from a sporting background, which could explain their son’s career choice.

Juraj Slafkovsky is a promising Slovak professional ice hockey forward who currently plays for Turun Palloseura (TPS) of the Finnish Liiga.

Recognized as one of the marquee options in the 2024 NHL Draft alongside Shane Wright and Logan Cooley, Slafkovsky has displayed exceptional hockey skills dating back to his childhood.

As a Slovak left winger, he not only showed his skills on the ice, but also proved to his compatriots that he, along with his peers, possessed the potential to be part of the next generation of Slovak hockey stars .

On the verge of becoming perhaps the first Slovakian player drafted into the NHL, Slafkovsky, despite his young age, established himself as a competition’s leading scorer, scoring an impressive seven goals in seven games.

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Juraj Slafkovsky’s Parents: Get to Know His Father Juraj Sr and Mother Gabriela Slafkovsky

Juraj Slafkovsky, the Slovak professional ice hockey forward, who will be 20 years old in 2024, was born on March 4, 2004.

Juraj Slafkovsky Jr. was born to Juraj Slafkovsky Sr. and Gabriela Slafkovska and comes from a family with deep roots in sports.

Coming from this athletic background, it is no surprise that Juraj chose to pursue a career as a talented hockey player.

Her mother, Gabriela Slafkovska, was once an accomplished swimmer who showcased her talents on a world stage at the European Swimming Championships in Vienna, Austria, in 1995, finishing in an admirable 12th place.

Notably, Juraj’s father, Slafkovsky Sr., refrained from imposing a specific career path on his son, allowing Juraj the freedom to chart his own course.

Juraj Slavkovsky Parents
Juraj Slafkovsky’s father always supported his son. (Source: Instagram)

When Juraj decided to pursue a career in hockey, his father provided him with unwavering support and guidance throughout his journey towards a successful career.

Even in difficult times in Finland, where Juraj was adjusting to a new life, his parents, father and mother, visited him, demonstrating their commitment to helping him overcome difficulties.

They consider it their responsibility to support him and provide support from the sidelines on many occasions.

This family support played a crucial role in Juraj Slafkovsky’s journey in the world of hockey.

Who is Juraj Slafkovsky’s girlfriend?

It’s quite funny to see the young boy, Juraj has earned a lot of affection from his fans at such a young age.

Undoubtedly, Juraj has accumulated a considerable number of secret admirers who might desire to become his girlfriend.

In a recent interview, Juraj said that he receives messages from his fans daily, expressing immense love and support.

Juraj Slafkovsky GF
Juraj Slafkovsky revealed that he receives a lot of love from his fans. (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, despite this adoration, he has not shared any images on his social media that would suggest that he is currently in a relationship, indicating that he might be single and not romantically involved with anyone.

It’s also possible that he is involved in a secret relationship, a personal choice that he has not yet made public.

If and when he feels comfortable in the future, Juraj may choose to share updates about his personal life.

Until then, perhaps it is best not to dwell on such issues, respect the privacy he has opted for and better focus on the entertainment he provides through the game.

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