Who Are Mark And Smadar Sapper?

Mark and Smadar Sapper are the parents of Dassi Erlich, a staunch activist and survivor of sexual abuse whose family story became known through their courageous pursuit of justice against her abuser.

Dassi Erlich, a courageous activist and survivor of sexual abuse, along with her sisters, suffered a horrific ordeal at the hands of Malka Leifer, their former headmistress of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school.

Leifer was found guilty of 18 counts of abusing Dassi and her sister Elly and eventually received a 15-year prison sentence.

Dassi and her sisters have fearlessly shared their traumatic experiences and become key figures in the quest for justice.

Their tireless efforts were instrumental in bringing the tormentor to justice and encouraging him to conduct research in this area.

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Dassi Erlich’s parents: Who are Mark and Smadar Sapper?

Mark and Smadar Sapper, often known as Matisyahu and Smadar (Sammi) Sapper, form the parental foundation of a family of seven children – five daughters and two sons.

The Sapper family was deeply rooted in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

It was a shocking chapter for her when her daughters, including Dassi Erlich, became victims of sexual abuse.

Dassi Erlich Parents
Dassi Erlich’s parents were deeply rooted in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. (Source: the age)

Malka Leifer, her former school principal, was the perpetrator of the sexual abuse of the Sapper family’s daughters, including Dassi Erlich.

The Sappers’ lives took an unexpected turn when they were confronted with the painful reality of their daughters’ abuse.

They stood firm against all adversities and tirelessly supported Dassi and her siblings as they embarked on the difficult journey to seek justice for the injustice done to their family.

Mark and Smadar are unwaveringly committed to the well-being of their children.

They are determined to hold those responsible for the abuse to account.

This commitment has not only shaped their roles as parents, but has also contributed to the broader discussion about combating abuse within closed communities.

Through their resilience and commitment, the Sapper family strives to bring awareness and change and create an environment where survivors can find strength and justice.

Dassi Erlich Father: Are you meeting Mark?

Mark Sapper, affectionately known as Matisyahu, takes on the role of the devoted father in Dassi Erlich’s captivating story.

As patriarch of the Sapper family, Mark played a crucial role in overcoming the challenges posed by the traumatic experiences of his daughters, including Dassi, at the hands of their former school principal, Malka Leifer.

In the face of adversity, Mark showed unwavering support to his children and stood by them as they demanded justice against their abuser.

Dassi Erlich Parents
Dassi Erlich’s father is Mark Sapper. (Source: Facebook)

Mark Sapper is a prominent figure within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. His commitment to justice and the well-being of his family has become a testament to the resilience of survivors and the strength of family bonds.

Throughout the tumultuous journey of seeking accountability, Mark remains a support to Dassi and her siblings, embodying the enduring love and determination needed to overcome the profound effects of abuse.

Dassi Erlich Mother: Who is Smadar Sapper?

Smadar Sapper, affectionately known as Sammi Sapper, appears as a caring matriarch in the poignant story of Dassi Erlich’s journey.

As a mother of seven children, including Dassi, Smadar embodies resilience and unwavering support in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Smadar has deep roots in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and was confronted with the heartbreaking revelation that her daughters had been victims of sexual abuse by their former school principal, Malka Leifer.

Dassi Erlich Parents
Dassi Erlich Mother is a mother of seven children. (Source: Times of Israel)

During the turbulent search for justice, Smadar stood loyally by her children and provided comfort and strength.

Her role extends beyond the domestic sphere as she works with her husband Mark to promote accountability within gated communities and raise awareness of the urgency of combating abuse.

Smadar’s grace under pressure and her determination to protect her family’s well-being exemplify the transformative power of maternal love.

In overcoming the challenges posed by her daughters’ traumatic experiences, Smadar Sapper proved to be a model of resilience and demonstrated the powerful impact a mother’s unwavering support can have on the path to healing and justice.

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