Nasrat Haqparast Family: Brother Or Sister, Parents

Nasrat Haqparast Family: He has a brother who is 1.5 years older than him and who practices professional MMA. Nasrat lost his beloved mother in 2024, who had been battling cancer for two years.

Nasrat Haqparast, a German mixed martial artist, competed in the UFC lightweight division and entered the professional MMA scene in 2012.

Haqparast accumulated an impressive 8-1 record before landing a contract with the UFC.

Making his UFC debut on October 21, 2017 at UFC Fight Night: Cowboy vs. Till vs. Marcin Held, Haqparast faced an early setback, losing the unanimous attack while replacing the injured Teemu Packalén.

Subsequently scheduled to fight Alex Reyes on March 17, 2018 at UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Volkov, Haqparast’s encounter took an unexpected turn as an infectious eye disease deemed him unfit to compete, leading to the cancellation of today’s attack. of the event.

Continuing his journey in the UFC, Nasrat Haqparast faced Marc Diakiese on July 22, 2018 at UFC Fight Night 134, emerging victorious by unanimous decision.

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Does Nasrat Haqparast have a brother or sister? Meet your parents and family

Nasrat Haqparast was born in Germany and will be 28 years old in 2024, born August 22, 1995.

The loss surely left him devastated, as seen in his photo on his Instagram account is still the photo of him taken with his beloved mother.

Who is Nasrat Haqparast’s wife: does he have one?

Nasrat Haparast’s devoted fans also wanted to know more about his wife.

Despite growing public interest in knowing more about Nasrat Haqparast’s wife, there is no evidence claiming that he has a wife.

Reliable sources claiming the presence of Nasrat’s wife are also rare.

Apparently, this suggests that Nasrat is currently single and is not romantically involved with anyone.

Nasrat Haqparast wife
Nasrat Haqparast is currently single. (Source: Instagram)

There is a good chance that he is in a romantic relationship with someone that has not yet been made public.

The choice to keep his relationship status private could be a personal choice that he opted for.

The reason behind this could be that he wants to keep his professional and private matters away from each other.

If he wishes in the future, Nasrat will share the information with his subscribers.

For now, let’s focus on the entertainment he provides through his game rather than trying to invade the details of his personal life.

Just because someone is a public figure doesn’t mean they have to disclose every detail of their life, it’s up to them to choose what things they want to share.

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