UFC Anthony Smith With Hair: How Would He Look?

Anthony Smith With Hair: He often appears with his bald look. The real reason for Smith’s bald appearance has not been revealed. Let’s take a closer look at his life and try to find the reason for his baldness.

Anthony Smith is an American professional mixed martial artist who will be 35 years old in 2024, born July 26, 1988.

Smith was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and raised in Nebraska City.

Smith, who competes in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), began his professional career in 2008, competing primarily in local promotions throughout the Midwest.

Throughout this period, Anthony put together a 13–7 record, earning victories against WEC veterans Logan Clark and Eric Schambari, while experiencing setbacks against UFC veterans Jake Hecht and Jesse Forbes.

Despite these early challenges, Smith eventually joined Strikeforce, marking a significant moment in his career.

Currently ranked number 8 in the UFC light heavyweight division as of August 1, 2024, Smith’s journey reflects his strength and determination in the competitive world of mixed martial arts.

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What does UFC Anthony Smith look like with hair?

Anthony Smith is a household name in the world of martial arts where he has amassed many fans.

Devoted followers want to see how Anthony Smith looks with hair.

Anthony Smith is always spotted with a bald look, which has become his trademark and earned him wide recognition.

However, the specific reason for Smith’s preference for a bald appearance remains largely unknown.

Anthony Smith Hair
The real reason for Anthony Smith’s baldness remains unknown. (Source: Combat Press)

There is only one image of Anthony available in the public domain with a full head of hair, sparking public curiosity as to the motivation behind his usual bald style.

Whether Anthony’s baldness is a personal choice or the result of a particular illness is not clearly understood or disclosed.

Whatever the explanation, it is essential to shift our attention away from the superficial aspects and understand that a person’s inner qualities have greater importance.

What really matters is the value Anthony brings through his game, and that should be our primary consideration rather than delving into his personal affairs.

If in the future, Anthony feels comfortable enough, then he will reveal the reason why he remains bald.

Meet UFC’s Anthony Smith’s Wife

Fans who follow Anthony Smith also want to know more about his romantic relationships.

On September 20, 2019, Anthony Smith happily exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, Mikhala Renee Newman, at a church in Nebraska, marking the beginning of their marital journey.

Despite obtaining married in 2019, the couple welcomed their first child in 2011, followed by the second in 2014 and the third in 2017, the couple has since embraced the joys of parenthood.

Wife of Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith got married in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the limited details published about Mikhala’s background, it is known that she received her degree in nursing from Lutheran Liberal Arts University in Fremont and is currently employed as a certified nurse.

After celebrating four years of marriage, Anthony and Renée continue to cherish their bond, frequently sharing quality moments with each other. time on Instagram.

Although she has followed a different career path, Renee remains a reliable pillar of support for her husband, constantly supporting him throughout his successful UFC career over the years.

With time, Renée and Anthony’s relationship should blossom even more in the years to come.

The couple could currently be investing in their child’s education and working hard to build a successful career together.

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