Who Is Ashli Bellinger, Cody Bellinger Sister? Wiki And Age

Cody Bellinger Sister, Ashli ​​Bellinger is a mother of four and played volleyball during her college years.

She is married to her husband who is a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Cody James Bellinger is an American professional baseball outfielder and first baseman who is currently a free agent.

Bellinger previously played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs after being selected by the Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

The professional baseball player made his debut with the Dodgers in 2017 and his journey in baseball began with notable achievements including playing in the 2007 Little League World Series at the age of 11.

Bellinger, the son of MLB player Clay Bellinger, honed his skills in high school at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona, initially committing to play college baseball for the Oregon Ducks before being drafted.

After spending two years in the Rookie Leagues, he joined the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes in 2015, where he was recognized as a mid-season and post-season All-Star.

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Meet Ashli ​​Bellinger, Cody Bellinger Sister Wiki and Her Age Revealed

Cody Bellinger has gained many followers who not only want to know more about him but also his family.

The latest public curiosity has arisen regarding Cody Bellinger’s sister.

Ashli ​​​​Bellinger born to her parents Clay and Jennifer will be 31 years old in 2024, born on October 3, 1992.

Bellinger received his bachelor’s degree from Vanguard University.

Ashli ​​Bellinger Wiki
Ashli ​​Bellinger is a graduate of Vanguard University. (Source: Instagram)

Ashli, recognized as a volleyball player on the women’s team, has developed a distinct identity beyond just being recognized as Cody Bellinger’s sister.

Cody’s sister has maintained a strong bond with her brother, a deep and loving bond that is often exemplified by the heartfelt posts she regularly shares on her Instagram feed.

Not limited to just her brother, Ashli ​​also includes other family members in these posts, demonstrating the enduring love and unity within their family bonds.

Throughout Cody’s life, Ashli ​​has been a reliable pillar of support, actively contributing to his personal and professional development.

Over time, the relationship between siblings should become stronger and stronger.

Meet Ashli ​​Bellinger, Associate

The relationship status aspect attracts attention, and in the case of the beautiful Ashli ​​Bellinger, her romantic relationships are with her husband, Kurt Korver.

In their respective Instagram feed, Glimpses of their joyful life together are frequently shared and are enjoyed by their followers.

Kurt Korver, according to his Instagram bio, holds the respected position of firefighter/paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Ashli ​​Bellinger Associate
Ashli ​​Bellinger’s partner is a firefighter. (Source: Instagram)

The happy couple shows the depth of their bond by frequently indulging in shared moments, whether it’s quality time spent together or precious moments involving their children.

Their family of four beautiful children features prominently in their posts, providing a heartwarming portrait of the joys and challenges of parenthood.

The exact details regarding the start of their marital journey, such as the date of their union or the happy circumstances that brought them together, remain confidential.

The reason why they may not have shared it could be a personal reason and once they want to, they will share it with their beloved followers who eagerly wait for their updates from time to time.

But what is certain is that the couple shares a magnificent bond which should grow stronger and stronger in the years to come.

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