Who Is Dan Hyatt, Bec Rawlings Husband? Divorce Story

Bec Rawlings’ husband Dan abused and tortured her. Bec always lived in fear when she was with Dan. Rawlings eventually decided to leave him and filed for divorce.

Rebecca Anne Rawlings, better known as Bec Rawlings, will be 35 years old in 2024, born February 11, 1989.

Rawlings is an Australian mixed martial artist and bare-knuckle boxer, who currently competes in the flyweight division.

Rebecca grew up in Tasmania and played sports like basketball, gymnastics and athletics during her pre-teen years.

However, as a teenager, Rawlings faced challenges such as rapid weight gain and lack of motivation.

In 2010, the martial artist found a solution by turning to mixed martial arts to overcome her problems.

During this time, Rawlings met Australian professional MMA fighter Dan Hyatt, and it was then that she decided she wanted to become an MMA fighter.

Rawlings is known for her aggressive fighting style and has gained quite a bit of recognition on the field.

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Who is Dan Hyatt, Bec Rawlings’ husband? Divorce Story Explained

Thanks to her talent and skills, Bec Rawlings has gained wide recognition among the public.

The romantic involvement of people being followed is always a topic of interest to people.

Amidst all this, people are wondering what about Bec Rawling’s husband.

Rawlings was married to her husband Dan Hyatt, an Australian professional MMA fighter.

Bec Rawlings' husband
Bec Rawlings was married to Dan Hyatt. (Source: Instagram)

Bec has two sons named Zake and Enson from her marriage and she is currently involved in their education.

However, in 2013, Bec filed for divorce, claiming she had been a victim of domestic violence.

Bec once revealed that Dan had hit her, kicked her, elbowed her, choked her until she was unconscious, smothered her with pillows, had held her down for hours, destroyed all of her belongings, pulled a knife on her and said that at one point she thought he was going to kill her and the boys and then kill himself.

Bec Rawlings, known as the ‘queen of bare knuckle boxing’, recalls the terror of living with an abusive husband.

Although the Australian martial artist no longer cries when she talks about her unhappy marriage, she says some wounds will never heal.

Bec Rawlings 2024 Boyfriend Revealed

Bec Rawlings’ romantic relationships, especially after her marriage failed, have been a topic of discussion.

After divorcing Dan, Rawlings was in a relationship with fellow Australian mixed martial artist Ben Wall.

Having been a couple for some time and spending good times together, they both separated.

In 2018, Rawlings formed a relationship with Australian professional boxer Adrian Rodriguez.

However, Bec Rawlings’ current relationship status is not known and she has chosen to keep it private.

Bec Rawlings boyfriend
Bec Rawlings currently remains private about her relationship status. (Source: Instagram)

It’s hard to tell if her relationship with Adrian is over or if it’s still thriving.

It seems to be a personal decision not to openly discuss this aspect of his life.

If, in the future, Bec Rawlings feels comfortable sharing more details, she may choose to do so.

For now, it is important to respect your privacy and avoid intruding into your personal life.

Let us wait patiently for the person concerned to choose when and how Bec wishes to discuss the subject without encroaching on their privacy.

It’s how Bec is as a person that matters rather than her private affairs, it’s what she offers us as a person and the amount of entertainment she gives us through her work.

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