Who Is The Poltergeist Girl?

Christina Boyer’s life is a series of extraordinary and tragic events that have attracted the attention of many.

From her turbulent childhood in foster care to the alleged telekinetic powers she displayed as a teenager, her story has been the subject of fascination and debate.

But in 1992, Boyer’s life took a dark turn, leading to a shocking and heartbreaking event that would change everything.

Born in the 1980s, Christina Boyer became famous for her alleged telekinetic abilities, reminiscent of the popular film character Matilda.

Christina Boyer
Christina Boyer’s age revealed. (Youtube)

This extraordinary claim aroused media curiosity, especially given her difficult childhood in an abusive adoptive home.

Even at the tender age of 14, objects were said to have moved around her on their own, leading to discussions about whether she had supernatural powers or whether it was a sophisticated deception due to her traumatic past.

Boyer fled her abusive adoptive family, later found herself in a turbulent marriage and eventually became the mother of a daughter named Amber Gail Bennett.

However, her life continued to be marked by violence as she entered into another abusive relationship. Tragedy struck in the small Georgia town when her daughter Amber tragically passed away on April 14, 1992 at just three years old.

The circumstances of Amber’s death were deeply disturbing and led to Boyer’s arrest on suspicion of murder.

Boyer was subsequently sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years and had to deal with the consequences of the heartbreaking loss of her daughter.

Her story has since been the subject of films and documentaries, with ABC News Studios’ series “Demons & Saviors” shedding light on Christina Boyer’s compelling and controversial story.

Although her alleged telekinetic powers remain a mystery, the events of 1992 had a lasting impact on Boyer’s life and continue to capture the public’s imagination today.

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Details of the Poltergeist Girl case

In the tragic and complex case of Christina Boyer, the details surrounding the death of her daughter Amb, er paint a haunting picture of mistrust and grief.

Boyer’s boyfriend, David Herrin, was the last person to see Amber alive, and there were worrying signs of abuse in his care.

On the day of Amber’s death, Boyer left her at Herrin’s to visit an acquaintance while he worked on a transcription job.

When Boyer returned, Mistress waited outside, claiming he couldn’t wake Amber from her nap. Instead of calling for help immediately, Mistress waited for Boyer to come home.

Christina Boyer
a collage of Christina Boyer pictures

Amber was hospitalized but did not survive, and Boyer was arrested and unable to attend her daughter’s funeral.

Boyer’s story remains very complicated, even though he is serving a life sentence plus 20 years in Pulaski State Prison after the Alford plea.

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The unanswered question is why she was not with her daughter in the hours before the devastating incident.

As the case continues to attract attention and stir emotions, the search for truth and justice for Amber and Christina Boyer continues.

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