Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae & Levi

Discover the heartwarming story of Marlion Pickett’s children – Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae and Levi. Learn about the family support behind the AFL star’s journey.

Marlion Picket is a notable Australian rules footballer, demonstrating his prowess with the Richmond Football Club in the AFL.

His journey to AFL stardom is testament to his resilience and skill, emerging from a successful six-and-a-half season career with South Fremantle in the Western Australian Football League.

Pickett’s exceptional talents attracted attention, leading to his selection by Richmond with the 13th pick in the 2019 mid-season rookie draft.

At the age of 27, he not only brings experience but also a coveted club best and fairest award, cementing his place in the AFL spotlight.

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Children of Marlion Pickett: Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae and Levi Pickett

Marlion Pickett, the formidable Australian rules footballer, finds unwavering support and love his four children with her partner Jess Nannup.

Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae and Levi, a testament to the enduring bond forged by Pickett and Nannup, form a family foundation that transcends the confines of its sporting activities.

Their story begins with Pickett and Nannup’s relationship at the age of 16, evolving into a partnership that forms the cornerstone of his life.

Beyond the football field, Pickett’s role as a father takes precedence, as evidenced by the unbridled enthusiasm and encouragement his children provide him.

As Pickett’s AFL debut in the 2019 grand final approached, the spotlight extended beyond the playing field to encompass a heartwarming scene at Punt Road Oval.

Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae and Levi graced the stands, their young faces reflecting pride and anticipation as they witnessed their father’s monumental moment.

Marlion PickettChildren1 (1)
Marlion Pickett with his children (left to right) Marlion jnr, Latrell, Levi and Shaniquae (Image source: Age)

Family support radiated from the stands, creating a poignant backdrop to Pickett’s preparation for a historic game.

These four young individuals, more than just spectators, actively participate in Pickett’s journey.

Their presence at training sessions and decisive matches constitutes a tangible manifestation of family solidarity.

Marlion, Latrell, Shaniquae and Levi, each one of a kind, collectively contribute to the unwavering foundation that supports Pickett through the ups and downs of his football career.

Beyond the accolades and triumphs, it is the acclaim and family love that resonates most deeply with Marlion Pickett.

As he navigates the dynamic world of professional sports, his children remain loyal, a source of inspiration and motivation that transcends the boundaries of the football field.

In Marlion Pickett’s story, the chapter devoted to his children is not just a sidebar; it’s an integral part of the fascinating story that continues to unfold on and off the field.

Family and parents of Marlion Pickett

Marlion Pickett’s journey from the northern suburbs of Perth to the pinnacle of Australian rules football is intertwined with the threads of his family and upbringing.

Born in January 1992 to Thomas Pickett and Angela Smith, Marlion is the third of seven children, navigating a difficult landscape from a young age.

His formative years were marked by adversity, with domestic violence, drug addiction and financial constraints casting shadows over his upbringing.

Pickett’s parents, who relied on welfare, faced the challenges of unemployment, contributing to an environment marked by food insecurity.

Despite these obstacles, Pickett found solace and purpose on the football field.

Beginning his football journey at the age of seven with the Balga Puma Panthers, playing alongside his older brother, Pickett discovered a passion that transcended his tumultuous environment.

Family and parents of Marlion Pickett
Image capturing Marlion Pickett alongside his father in 2019. (Source: News Au)

The family’s move to Manjimup at the age of 11 introduced him to the Manjimup Tigers, where he not only played junior football but also played a pivotal role in securing a premiership of the Colts at the age of 14.

Returning to Perth at 15, the family settled in Eden Hill, marking another chapter in Pickett’s football odyssey.

His skills have graced the pitches of Nollamara Junior Football Club and Koongamia Senior Amateur Indigenous Club, highlighting his resilience and commitment to the sport.

Marlion Pickett’s upbringing, marked by both adversity and triumph, provides a poignant backdrop to his rise in the world of football.

His family, anchored by love and the challenges they faced together, played a vital role in shaping the athlete who would go on to make a significant impact on the Australian Football League scene.

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