Who Are Alexis and Avery Deboer? Wife

Discover the story of Kalen DeBoer’s daughters, Alexis and Avery DeBoer. Learn about their family background and the vital role they play in Kalen’s life as a football coach.

Kalen Douglas DeBoer, born October 24, 1974, is an accomplished American football coach who currently manages the University of Washington football team.

With a coaching tenure that includes successful stints at the University of Sioux Falls, where his teams won three NAIA football national championships in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

In addition to California State University, Fresno from 2020 to 2024, DeBoer demonstrated his expertise and leadership on the football field.

As a seasoned coach, he brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to his role leading the University of Washington football program.

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Daughter of Kalen Deboer: who are Alexis and Avery Deboer?

Kalen DeBoer, head football coach at the University of Washington, wears the hat of a proud father of two daughters, Alexis and Avery DeBoer.

The DeBoer family’s athletic connection to the university became evident when Alexis, a standout third baseman at Clovis North High School in Fresno, California, committed to the Husky softball program.

This connection was not a spontaneous event; its roots went beyond football.

During Kalen DeBoer’s introduction as head coach, UW athletic director Jen Cohen recognized Alexis, noting her prowess as a highly regarded athlete in her own right.

The story took a definitive turn when Alexis committed to Heather Farr’s nationally esteemed Husky softball program, solidifying the family’s connection to the university.

Daughter of Kalen Douglas DeBoer
Alexis DeBoer, with her parents Nicole and Kalen, celebrates her commitment to UW softball. (Image source: X)

In a fascinating twist of fate, Alexis and Kalen’s wife, Nicole, had visited the UW on the exact date, a year earlier, to attend a softball camp.

Their visit also coincided with a UW football game against California, establishing a connection that seemed destined to grow.

Kalen expressed excitement that things have come full circle, citing stats from Alexis’ junior season that showcased his impressive skills: a .667 batting average, .754 on-base percentage, 35 RBIs, 32 hits and 12 home runs in just 18 games.

The DeBoer family’s connection to the university extends beyond the football field, highlighting the multifaceted ties they have to the Husky community.

As Kalen assumes his role as head coach, family support and shared enthusiasm for the sport creates a unique dynamic, highlighting the intertwined worlds of coaching, family and the Husky’s athletic heritage.

Kalen Deboer marries Nicole

Kalen DeBoer and Nicole DeBoer began their journey as a couple on December 29, 2001, a date that holds immense importance in the story of their life together.

Their commitment to each other was expressed in a wedding ceremony held at Our Savior Lutheran Church, marking the beginning of their journey of life together.

This marital event constitutes a pivotal moment in their shared history, offering a glimpse of the foundations of their lasting union.

The DeBoer family, shaped by the love and commitment of Kalen and Nicole, includes two daughters named Alexis and Avery.

Kalen Deboer marries Nicole
Kalen Deboer has been married to his wife Nicole since 2001. (Image source: AP News)

Although the intricacies of their family life remain private, the love and connection evident within the DeBoer household provides the foundation for their shared experiences.

Alexis and Avery, as full members of the family, likely share their father’s passion for football, contributing to the dynamic, interconnected fabric of their lives.

As Kalen embraces his roles as both a family man and head football coach at the University of Washington, the unity and support within the DeBoer family creates a foundation for shared aspirations, milestones and the joys of family ties.

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