Nash Aguas Age, Bio, career, Personal Life & More


Nash Aguas, born Aeign Zackrey Nash Victoriano Aguas on October 10, 1998 in Baguio City is an accomplished Filipino actor renowned for his early appearances in television commercials and shows as a child actor. After moving to Paranaque City, near Metro Manila, soon after, his career blossomed and became not only renowned for his acting performances, but also for his singing and dancing performances. He quickly became known to viewers of all ages for his talents in every field of endeavor he threw himself into at such a young age! His early appearances in on-screen commercials helped him get an early start in TV commercial and show roles which got his acting career off to a good start as his skills developed alongside his singing abilities and dancing!

What propelled Nash Aguas to stardom?

Nash Aguas made headlines at the age of eight when he won ABS-CBN. “Star Circle Quest”, which earned him the prestigious title of “Grand Kid Questor”. This victory quickly propelled him to fame; soon after, he would appear regularly on various children’s shows, including the beloved children’s show Goin’ Bulilit, which greatly helped launch his acting career.

What are the notable works of Nash Aguas?

Nash Aguas made history with an acting career spanning over 15 years and several notable roles – such as Benjamin “JB” Gonzales in Luv U and key roles in other television series like Bagito and The Good Son – Nash has shown his versatility as an actor in various mediums. He notably played the role of JB Gonzales in Luv U and also had notable roles in Bagito. His film credits include the horror film “Bloody Crayons” and a romantic teen comedy. Eventually, he performed with the boy band “Gimme 5”, where musical talents were showcased.

How did Nash Aguas broaden his horizons beyond acting?

Outside of his acting career, Nash Aguas has branched out into entrepreneurship and real estate. investment as well as politics – even making headlines during the 2022 elections by running for and winning his seat on the Cavite City Council! A true testimony of public service and community development!

What sets Nash Aguas apart?

Nash Aguas stands out not only as an actor but also as a multi-talented all-rounder. His dynamic skills make an impressive statement about who he is: adaptable enough to succeed in both entertainment and politics; her social media connections show her fans her down-to-earth nature while her charitable efforts demonstrate her dedication to giving back to the community.

What is Nash Aguas’ personal life like?

In his personal life, Nash showed as much passion and dedication as he did in his professional work. In 2024, he married Mika Dela Cruz after a long courtship that began when they co-starred in “Goin’ Bulilit.” Their wedding, held at Adriano’s Events Place and Prayer Garden in Tagaytay, was an intimate ceremony celebrated with family and close friends, including Nash’s sister, Angelika Dela Cruz, as guests of honor.

Conclusion: what are Nash Aguas’ future plans?

Nash Aguas continues his multi-dimensional career by seeking new challenges and exploring areas of growth – whether in acting projects, political roles or any other endeavor he might undertake – thus serving as an inspirational figure who represents hard work and adaptability as essential tools to realize dreams and achieve goals. His journey from child actor to respected adult actor/public figure not only impresses others, but serves as a lesson of inspiration to budding artists around the world.


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