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Taylan May is currently facing significant legal and professional consequences following its arrest for domestic violence on April 20 and 24 at their Werrington residence during an argument. According to NSW Police reports, May allegedly hit Jessica several times, including on his face and leg; thus leading them to charge him with assault occasioning actual bodily harm as well as two counts of criminal harassment/intimidation with intent to cause fear of bodily harm.

Taylan May was arrested early Saturday morning and granted bail shortly after. As expected by Penrith Local Court on May 28, he is expected to appear in court regarding the allegations against him; At this hearing, it is anticipated that additional details of the case may also be discussed and examined during the proceedings. Jessica May also filed an application for an apprehended violence order against Taylan, which would also likely be considered during these proceedings. The 21-year-old tied the knot with his partner Jess last week. during a beautiful ceremony before flying off for a honeymoon.

How did the Penrith Panthers respond?

The Penrith Panthers have released an official response to Taylan May’s situation regarding domestic violence allegations made against her by the NRL integrity unit and reported by the media. While emphasizing the seriousness of this matter, they have chosen not to issue further public comments while this matter progresses legally.

What is the NRL’s position on this incident?

The National Rugby League (NRL) has developed a no-fault automatic removal policy for offenses carrying maximum prison sentences of eleven years or more against players, like May. However, because his charges do not meet this threshold, this policy would not automatically apply; rather, it can use its discretion to exclude players based on factors such as the nature of the allegations and their impact on the league’s image.

Could Taylan be banned by the NRL?

Even if May’s allegations don’t immediately trigger National Rugby League decision automatic withdrawal policy, league administrators are currently reviewing his situation to determine an appropriate response. Due to their seriousness and potential effect on the reputation of the NRL, May could potentially be excluded on an involuntary basis; such action has already been taken with Parramatta player Dylan Brown facing similar allegations against them. This would not be unprecedented since similar measures have already been taken in response to similar accusations; Additionally, actions such as Parrametta player Dylan Brown also faced charges over allegations against them that had led them down this path previously.


Taylor May the arrests and charges cast a shadow over what would have otherwise been an impressive season for this young athlete. Court proceedings will surely play a central role in shaping his future on and off the field, so the NRL and Penrith Panthers will closely observe developments leading up to the court dates, making decisions accordingly in depending on the results. This situation highlights the ongoing difficulties sports organizations face in balancing player conduct with the expectations of fans and wider communities.

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