Kris Jenner Age, How Did Kris and Corey’s Relationship Begin?

Kris Jennerthe ever-vibrant media mogul and matriarch of the Kardashian clan, alongside longtime companion Corey Gamble, continue to captivate fans with their enduring courtship despite a considerable age difference.

How did Kris and Corey’s relationship start?

Kris Jenner, 68, and Corey Gamble, 43, first sparked their romance publicly in 2014., a relationship that blossomed under the height of Hollywood scrutiny. This duo grew stronger through mutual connections in the entertainment industry, their bond quickly strengthening as they navigated the complexities of a lifestyle lived in the public eye.

What challenges did they face due to their age difference?

From the beginning, the 25-year age gap between Kris and Corey has been the subject of intrigue and what-ifs. Kris herself admitted to having initial doubts about the viability of their partnership due to their age disparity. In candid confessions on “The Kardashians,” she revealed conversations in which she doubted Corey’s intentions, illustrating the societal pressures and personal insecurities that age-gap couples often face. However, Corey’s assurance that “age is just different” resonated as a testament to their strong foundation built on mutual respect and information.

What role does Corey play in the Kardashian family dynamic?

Corey Gamble’s integration into the Kardashian family dynamic was highlighted during his appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” beginning with the show’s 10th season in 2015. His presence on the show until its finale in 2021 allowed viewers to witness it. his evolving encounters not only with Kris, but also with his children and his extended circle of relatives. Corey was described as a supportive figure, exhibiting electricity and insight, and developed a primarily close bond with Kris’s mother and children, demonstrating the deep family bonds that extend beyond organic connections .

How do Kris and Corey manage their public and private lives?

Managing a romantic relationship in the spotlight poses distinct challenges, mainly with the added pressures of a significant age difference. Kris and Corey have navigated these waters by maintaining a balance between their public personas and their private lives. They have managed to carve out personal time in the midst of their public duties, as evidenced by romantic getaways to places like Paris, where they partake in easy pleasures like dinners with perspectives of the Eiffel Tower. These moments, frequently captured by the paparazzi or shared on social networks, reflect their commitment to maintaining their relationship far from professional chaos.

What have they said about their relationship?

Both Kris and Corey expressed the strength and support they get from each other. Kris, in particular, praised Corey for his unwavering support and the beneficial impact he has on her well-being. Its function as a sounding board and stabilizing pressure in its lifestyles highlights the deep emotional and psychological help that companions can provide to each other, whatever their age.


Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble’s relationship is a colorful example of how age doesn’t want to be an obstacle to love, but rather a piece of the precise tapestry that each encounter weaves. Their collective adventure highlights the importance of conversation, mutual guidance and understanding, principles that can strengthen any romantic relationship in the face of the inevitable demanding situations that life offers. As they continue to build their existence together, Kris and Corey not only challenge societal norms, but also offer a tale of the enduring power of love across the decades.

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