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Laurent Wong, 51 years old and who is expected to take office on Monday morning (November 5), will become Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister since its independence from Britain in 1965 – succeeding Lee Hsien Loong who had previously served two terms. Wong will mark a significant change in the governance of this Asian financial center.

Lawrence Wong was born on December 18, 1972 to parents who fit the description of an “ordinary family background.” Wong’s father worked in an administrative position at an insurance company; while his mother taught at the primary school where Wong and his older brother studied. They lived together in the Marine Parade estate in eastern Singapore, embodying Singapore’s middle-class living conditions.

What are his qualifications?

Wong distinguished himself from many Singaporean politicians by attending local schools that he described as ordinary, rather than attending elite British universities like Oxford or Cambridge to receive his education. Instead, Wong went to graduate school at the School of Economics at Wisconsin Madison after being inspired by American musicians who inspired him to major in economics. He further holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, reflecting his lifelong dedication to public service from an early age.

How has his career evolved?

Wong has had an illustrious and varied professional career. Starting as a government researcher and economist at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, he held key bureaucratic positions such as director-general of the Energy Market Authority and principal private secretary to the Prime Minister.

Wong entered politics in 2011 and has held important positions, such as director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and ministerial posts related to culture, national development and education. His leadership abilities became more evident during his co-chairmanship of the COVID-19 task force, where his calm during a pandemic flu crisis earned him public praise. After serving two terms in both cases, he was appointed Minister of Finance in 2021, followed a year later by Deputy Prime Minister.

What are Wong’s personal interests?

Lawrence Wong is not just a political figure; he is also a music enthusiast and bookworm. Wong started playing guitar at age 8, when his father gave him one; later, street riding was added to his repertoire of skills! Additionally, Lawrence is known to enjoy reading books about animals (his latest is: Dog Lover’s Guide To Politics And Books by William Osler), which adds another aspect to his personality outside of politics or politics. professional life.

What about his personal life?

Wong has made headlines for her personal life and marital history. After marrying in his 20s and then divorcing due to incompatibility issues with his first wife whose identity remains private, Wong later married Loo Tze Lui who works in wealth management – ​​neither couple currently have children together. Wong considers himself an active Methodist Christian who plays a large part in his daily life.

How did Wong prepare to lead Singapore?

Wong steps into his new role as Prime Minister with an impressive blend of local and international education, professional experience and an approach that resonates with many Singaporeans. His rise from an ordinary background to such an influential government position speaks volumes about Singapore’s opportunities for individuals: his previous roles as Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Central Bank of Singapore since 2023 have made him well prepared to assume such a role in the years to come.

Lawrence Wong takes the helm at a time when Singapore and other countries face significant global challenges, and has demonstrated this skill during a pandemic outbreak. As Singapore begins a new era under his leadership, everyone is watching how Wong navigates this city-state through the future difficulties and opportunities that lie ahead.


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