Vincent Kompany Wife, I Am Grateful That You Introduced Him To His Future Spouse


Vincent Kompany, now famous manager of Burnley, had a remarkable career both as a player and manager. His journey in football has been influenced by many notable figures, including Sergio Agüero, Yaya Toured and Nadim Onuoha. Each of these people played an important role in Kompany’s life, shaping his career and personal experiences.

Meeting with Carla Higgs

Kompany’s relationship with his wife, Carla Higgs, dates back to his friendship with Nedum Onuoha. Onuoha, a former Manchester City academy product, recounted how he introduced Kompany to Carla in an interview with FourFourTwo. The two first met before Kompany joined Manchester City. Onuoha had followed Kompany’s career since his years at Anderlecht and Hamburg, recognizing his potential early on.

Defensive partnership

Nedum Onuoha played alongside Kompany at Manchester City, where their on-field partnership solidified their bond. Onuoha shared his views on Kompany’s character and playing style, highlighting his mental strength and leadership qualities.

“Vinny was never bossy, but he knew exactly how he wanted to play,” says Onuoha. “Playing with him in central defense, I always knew how much he wanted me to complement him. If he wanted to be aggressive, he needed someone to cover for him. He would come forward and attack the ball, confident that I would cover him. He made it easy.

Leadership and influence

Kompany’s leadership extended beyond his performances on the field. He played a pivotal role in shaping the culture and standards of Manchester City. Onuoha highlights Kompany’s efforts to instill discipline and respect within the team, organizing fines and setting high standards for his teammates.

“Vinny helped create the character of the football club,” notes Onuoha. “Others did it too, but he wasn’t just a good player; he imposed these standards. It was he who organized the fines, demanding respect from everyone. He was always good at getting messages to people, even if it had to be done in different ways.

Transition to management

After a successful playing career, Kompany moved into management and took charge of Burnley. His leadership skills and strategic acumen translated well into his role as manager, leading Burnley to promotion in his first season in charge.

Onuoha is not surprised by Kompany’s success as a manager, given his communication skills and mental resilience. “He was very tough mentally, always overcoming his own injuries and setbacks, but also helping his teammates to perform at their best,” Onuoha said.

Legacy and future

Vincent Kompany’s legacy in football is marked by his achievements as both a player and manager. His relationships with key figures like Sergio Agüero, Yaya Touré and Nedum Onuoha shaped his career and personal life. The introduction of his wife Carla, facilitated by Onuoha, constitutes an important step in his life.

As Kompany continues to build his managerial career, his influence on and off the pitch remains profound. His story is one of resilience, leadership and the lasting impact of meaningful connections within the football community. Moving forward, Kompany’s legacy is set to grow, inspiring future generations of players and coaches.


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