Nadal Children Commemorated their child’s First Birthday.

Raffa Nadal and Merry Pirelli have always maintained a private stance regarding their personal lives. As a result, there are very few public photos of their son, young Raffa. The couple prefers to cherish these moments away from the public eye. However, this summer marked a rare occasion where they shared a family photo. In July, while on a boat vacation along the Greek coast, they posted a photo taken from behind, showing the family looking out over the famous Corinth Canal which connects the Aegean Sea. This glimpse into their family life was a treat for fans who rarely get to see this side of the tennis star.

Recovery and rehabilitation

Nadal is currently recovering from major hip and psoas surgery that he underwent in early June. His rehabilitation process was rigorous and demanding. In a recent interview with Spanish journalist Juanma Castaño, Nadal expressed his deep desire to return to the tennis courts in 2024. He shared his hopes and plans, depending on the progress of his recovery. The winner of 22 Grand Slam titles remains optimistic, but realistic about the challenges ahead.

Embrace fatherhood

During the interview, Nadal also spoke about his experiences as a father. He expressed genuine affection for the children, saying: “I am doing well as a father; I have always loved children very much. Despite his busy schedule and physical limitations due to his convalescence, Nadal makes it a priority to spend quality time with his son. He humorously spoke of the back pain caused by carrying his child and described their simple walks around the house. One particularly endearing detail he shared was his son’s early interaction with a small racket, highlighting a potential future interest in tennis.

First anniversary celebration

This weekend, the couple celebrated their son’s first birthday with an intimate family reunion. True to their private nature, the celebration was kept extremely low-key, with few details disclosed. The family strived to experience this important milestone in a close-knit environment, far from the media spotlight. This private celebration highlights their desire to give their son a normal education, despite their highly publicized life.

Balancing business and family

Despite his recovery period, Nadal remained active, balancing his family life and business activities. This summer, Nadal expanded his Zel Hotels brand in collaboration with Meliá Hotels International. The new company is expected to open its first location in Mexico by 2025, marking a significant milestone in its entrepreneurial journey. This expansion into the hospitality industry demonstrates Nadal’s versatility and ambition beyond tennis.

Looking forward

As Raffa Nadal continues his healing journey, he remains focused on his goal of returning to professional tennis. His passion for the sport and determination are evident in his rehabilitation efforts. Simultaneously, he embraces his new role as a father, cherishing the moments spent with his son and his wife. The balance he establishes between personal and professional life says a lot about his character and his priorities.

Nadal’s story is one of resilience and dedication. Whether he’s on or off the field, he approaches each role with the same intensity and love. As he navigates the complexities of recovery and the responsibilities of fatherhood, he continues to inspire his fans around the world. The year ahead is very promising, both in terms of his potential return to tennis and the continued growth of his business activities.


Raffa Nadal’s life has always been in the spotlight, but his recent journey to fatherhood and recovery has added new dimensions to his story. Celebrating his son’s first birthday, amid personal and professional challenges, shows Nadal’s ability to handle life’s ups and downs with grace. As he works towards his return to tennis and broadens his business horizons, Nadal remains an inspirational figure, showing that with determination and love, one can overcome any obstacle. The world watches with bated breath, eager to see what the future holds for this legendary athlete and devoted family man.

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