Jason Kidd Wife & How Has Coleman Balanced Career and Family?

Porschla Coleman, born July 12, 1985 in Van Nuys, California is an artist of extraordinary versatility and talent. After attending Hollywood High School, she was discovered by modeling agency Front Management which initiated her journey into the fashion industry – leading to high-profile brand campaigns with iconic products as well as writing articles covering lifestyle topics for Haute Living magazine.

How did Porschla Coleman step into the spotlight?

Coleman first gained notoriety through modeling. Moving to New York to pursue his career, she quickly landed modeling gigs for top brands like Danskin, Rocawear, and Frederick’s of Hollywood – her charm soon translated into TV appearances on shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, where she helped gain a wider audience and make her an established public figure.

What do we know about his life?

Porschla Coleman made headlines when she started dating Jason Kidd in 2008. They welcomed their first child together in 2010 and married the following year to make their bond officially official. Together they have three children together and are stepmother to Kidd’s three children from her previous marriages from previous relationships; her relationship is an amalgam of professional support as she also actively contributes to his charitable initiatives.

How did Coleman balance his career and family?

How has Coleman managed his career and family life. Finding the right balance between family life and professional obligations can be difficult., yet Coleman achieved it admirably. Although she has cut back on her modeling work somewhat, Coleman remains active professionally – in fact, she launched an entrepreneurial children’s clothing line named in honor of Chance, her son with recently deceased Kidd – which offers clothing that is both elegant and functional to parents looking for clothing that is both elegant and practical. clothing solutions for growing children.

What charity is the couple involved in?

Porschla Coleman And Jason Kidd have engaged in charitable work as partners both personally and philanthropically. Coleman is executive director of the Jason Kidd Foundation, which seeks to improve educational opportunities for young people. Additionally, together they have worked closely on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s fundraising and awareness campaigns, emphasizing their commitment to giving back and using their platforms for the good of the community.


Porschla Coleman is more than Jason Kidd’s wife; she is also an accomplished model, entrepreneur, writer, and successful philanthropist navigated all the complexities associated with public life while remaining true to herself and maintaining strong family ties. Coleman has moved from walking podiums in New York to charitable boardrooms over time; serve as an inspiration to those who balance multiple roles at once. As his career progresses and blossoms personally – both professionally and personally – Coleman remains an iconic figure both professionally and admired for his accomplishments despite continued change – something many do not can only hope and admire due to close family ties with one person!

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