Jamie Ivey Husband, What Charges Were Made Against Aaron Ivey?

In a powerful Instagram post last week, musician Logan Garza accused ousted pastor Aaron Ivey of grooming, manipulating and sexually abusing him for several years. Garza, now an adult, revealed that the abuse began when he was a minor, at age 15, and continued until he was 20. His post details the systematic way in which Ivey, who was then twice Garza’s age, groomed him into feeling special, exposing him to cigarettes, alcohol and sexually explicit conversations. Garza’s account marks a significant divergence from the official statement from Austin Stone Community Church, which fired Ivey in February for “predatory manipulation, sexual exploitation and undue influence.”

Initial Church Statement

The church’s initial statement acknowledged Ivey’s inappropriate and explicit communications, indecent exposure and use of alcohol and illegal substances, but it did not indicate that a minor had been assaulted. They clarified that the known cases of abuse did not occur in the context of their formal programs. However, Garza disputes this, saying he grew up, served and worked at Austin Stone, with Ivey as his mentor from 2010 to 2014.

Garza’s detailed account

Garza’s Instagram post, which received a lot of attention, paints a very different picture. It describes the deep emotional and psychological impact of Ivey’s mistreatment, which led to years of confusion and skepticism about his experiences. Garza reveals that it wasn’t until he attended training through Ministry Safe, an organization that educates and warns churches about sexual abuse, that he fully understood what had happened to him. This realization was a turning point, but the manipulation was so profound that Garza felt obligated to protect Ivey and his family.

Discrepancies in Church’s statement

Johnna Harris, co-host of “The Bodies Behind the Bus” podcast, disputed the church’s statement, saying Garza was well known within the community and not outside of regular programming. Harris has spoken with at least ten former Austin Stone employees and members who corroborate Garza’s involvement in church activities. Harris criticizes the Church for using sinful language rather than explicitly calling this behavior criminal child sexual abuse.

Impact on Garza

Garza’s post delves into the complexity of his feelings toward Ivey. Despite the grave betrayal, he recognizes that there were precious moments in their early interactions, which added to the confusion and pain he felt. Garza’s struggle to reconcile these feelings with the reality of the abuse highlights the deep psychological scars left by Ivey’s actions.

Church response and future steps

Donovan Golden, executive pastor of creative ministries at Austin Stone, responded to inquiries about discrepancies between the church’s statement and Garza’s account by reiterating that no known cases of abuse have occurred in the framework of formal programs. Golden expressed deep regret for the abuse Garza suffered and emphasized the Church’s support for his continued healing. However, the question of whether the church has launched an independent investigation or revised its security policies remains unanswered.

Call for an independent investigation

Harris and others have called for a thorough investigation to be conducted by an organization like GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Church Environment), which specializes in investigating churches and systemic issues. Such an investigation is deemed necessary to ensure accountability and transparency, particularly given the seriousness of the allegations and the possibility of more victims coming forward.

Garza’s hope for recovery

Despite the trauma he endured, Garza expresses a desire for Ivey to heal from his problems, hoping that revealing the truth will prevent further abuse. Her courage in coming forward was praised by many, including Pastor Donovan Golden, who recognized the immense courage it took for Garza to share her story.


Logan Garza’s allegations against Aaron Ivey have highlighted serious issues of abuse and manipulation within Austin Stone Community Church. The discrepancies between Garza’s account and the Church’s initial statement underscore the need for a transparent and independent investigation. As Garza continues her path to healing, her story highlights the importance of addressing and preventing abuse within religious communities.

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